Our Offer – What are we occupied with?

VIGO d.o.o. JESENICE is a private company established in 1993.


Our leading and operational stuff with many years of experience in construction, maintenance and repair of industrial kilns and other heat aggregates as well as all construction works is assurance that we will complete our work in future as successful as we used to in the past.


We execute quality repairs with often innovations in ironworks, cement factories, smelting-plants, brickworks, food industry and wood processing industry


We provide our customers and investors with materials from all major European producers, as for example calderys?CALDERYS, and especially with materials from the company RATH, which has signed a contract for representation and consignment with our company.


In cooperation with various design companies we elaborate project documentation for execution of projects; we also have close cooperation with engineering services of our suppliers.


Our activities are focused on:

- Steel industry;

- Cement industry;

- Aluminium smelting-plants;

- Chemical industry;

- Energetic;

- Chemical industry;

- Wood processing industry;

- Metal processing industry; and

- Construction industry.

We wall in, maintain and reconstruct the following heat aggregates:

- Glow kilns;

- Normalizing kilns;

- Dosing kilns for aluminium;

- Hardening furnaces;

- Forge kilns;

- Chamber kilns in ceramics industry;

- Pan kilns and pans;

- Receptors;

- Rotating kilns for cement production;

- Drying devices in wood processing industry;

- Tunnel kilns

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